THE ROYAL INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL has a well maintained library, Games & sports rooms, computer lab, Science ( Bio., Chem., Physics) labs, smart classes ( in collabration with educomp ) and seprate rooms for all other activities such as music , Dance Dramatic, Art & Craft, Athletic, Gym, Yoga, Aerobics, etc.

Computer lab

Present day it is the time of scientific advancement and information technology where computer are bacoming indisponsable. It is made sure that THE ROYAL KIDS are in no way left behind weather it is the usage of multimedia kits for computer games and animations, or for advanced software development. Equipped with the latest Pentimuim system, the computer lab is very much in tune with the times. Apart from effectively aiding in teaching the prescribed syllabus, which include understanding of spreadsheets, database management, graphics , internet and basics computer.
Computersc allow students to interact with the world beyond the classroom through software, web lessions and email. with the help of latest computer software, the students of all classes are imparted the CBSE/NCERT syallbus so as to put into practice the principal of "Seeing is believing" which makes learning easier.

Science lab

Keeping in mind focus on the complete understanding of a science subjects, Science lab offers an inside coverage of subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and enviroment sciences.
we focus on development higher order thinking skills in children. The hands on learining kits are targeted towards stimulating young minds.

Our Science Lab Promotes :

  • Hands on learning for hoghest form of understanding.
  • Helpful for students to reminder to remember concepts better.
  • Give students feeling of accoumplishment when a task is completed
  • Helpful to transfer the experience to the learning situatiun

Biology Lab

Our biology lab includes specimen, charts, models, anatomy, of internal organs, which assist the students in unstanding the facts, Students observe things closely and draw infrences from what they observe.

Chemistry Lab

Our chemistry lab encourages the learning of science through activites, Students come to know about ractions with the help of chemicals, which makeslearning of science enjoyable.

Physics Lab

Our Physics lab is equipped with lots of instruments related to their syallbus, where they take data and draw tables and ultimately conclude. This makes the learning of science an enjoyable experience for the students in the years ahead.

Smart Classes

Royal Group od Schools believe in serving a platform teaching by providing smart class. The students something find it difficult to concentrate in regular classrooms. our Classrooms give the solutions to this problem by introducing technology enable teaching and learning tools.
The content in smart class has been specially created for the indian syallabi and is based on the philosophy of "seeeing is believing" so, by associating new meterial through smart class with something familiar, students can better understanding if visuals are presented before them and retain new information.
Smart classes increase motivational aspects by which children learn in a betterway and the animations make the class much more intresting.

Art and Craft

Art and craft helps with the thinking and to concentrate thoughts. It should be taken serously and reconized as a valid part of children's development. Royal International aims at developing

1. Sensitivity to...

  • The element of art and craft such as line, colour, texture, shape and mass of a space.
  • Priciples such as balance, contrast, rhythm, unity, proportion and value.
  • Works of Arts and Craft.
  • Nature and the enviroment including "found" and "discarded" meterials.

2. Imaginative and conceptual abilities such as...

  • The power to create, visualize, reconize and improvise
  • The desire for self-expression through involvement in art and craft.
  • The ability to find ideas for art and craft activites in nature and enviroment as well as from insidents in the wider world and sources from fantasy and the imagination. Each and every event in Royal International Public School is a celebration of young enthusiastic spirit, creativity and togrtherness.